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Konference e-Land Administration v Rakousku

Rakouská spolecnost pro geodezii a geoinformatiky ve spolupraci s BEV (obdoba ČÚZK) pořadá významnou mezinárodní konferenci na téma "e-Land Administration". Naši rakouští kolegové nás srdečně zvou k aktivní účasti...
PS: prosím zaregistrujte, že v Rakousku již vystupují geodeti a geoinformatici pod jednou hlavičkou :-)

INVITATION to the international seminar on e-Land Administration organised by FIG Commission 7 (‘Cadastre and Land Management’) in co-ooperation with the Austrian Society of Surveying and Geoinformation and BEV, Austria 2-4 June 2004, Innsbruck, Austria

e-land administration makes impressive progress in many countries and it is time to shape the future for the implementation of new structures and techniques and to learn from each other experiences so far. The seminar dedicates time to e-government, that might be seen as the context in which e-land administration develops. Experiences from various countries and exploring the opportunities of public private co-operation will be highlighted as well. There will be enough time for discussions, in order to identify common findings, conclusions and recommendations. Find more details about the seminar and your registration in the attached papers as well as permanently updated on http://www.fig.net/figtree/commission7/index.htm

Vaclav Slaboch

vyvěšeno: 16.03.2004
ID článku: 1113
další informace: fig.net/figtree/commission7/index.htm

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