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24. sympozium UDMS v říjnu 2004


UDMS 2004


24th urban data management symposium


October 27-29, 2004


ChioggiaVenice, Italy









UDMS, the Urban Data Management Society, has organised international symposia at various locations in Europe in order to promote the development of information systems in local government since 1971.

An important aim of UDMS has been to provide a forum for people to discuss new approaches, to consider new technologies and to share practical experiences in the field of urban data management. The focus has been on urban applications but regional and rural issues have always been well represented and have grown recently in importance.

For the next symposium in Chioggia, the organising committee invites you to submit a paper concerning the topics listed below.


Theme 1):

                                             Nature, Collection Exchange, Use

and Maintenance of Urban Data


§      Applications of high resolution remote sensing data

§      The new era of cartography and maps: their transformation to geographic/cartographic databases and the impact on many areas

§      Integration of data from multiple sources (for example public agencies/city authorities, etc.) and issues of scale, terminology/ontology structure, formats, etc.

§      Field data collection and quality control of urban data

§      Underground urban assets: the way to collect, store & visualize location, construction and condition data

§      Data availability and transparency issues - barriers to decision making

§      Data interchange



Theme 2):                

Spatial Data Infrastructures


§      Spatial Data Infrastructures, especially at the regional and local level

§      Data Infrastructures for urban Location Based Services



Theme 3):



§      Spatially-enabled e-governance

§      GIS components of e-Government



Theme 4):



§      Disaster and Risk Management

§      Real time GIS, especially for environmental monitoring and control

§      Location based computing and services

§      Intelligent Transportation Systems

§      Temporal GIS



Theme 5):



§      Three dimensional urban data modelling

§      Agent-based urban models



Theme 6):

Web-based and participatory systems


§      Community engagement: participation in gathering and using data; benefits and problems; accessibility and relevance of data at the community level

§      Public Participation GIS



Theme 7):

Urban Systems Technology


§      Local government “enterprise” database with the capability for storing, accessing and manipulating spatial data, the exploitation of these capabilities in a web environment

§      The use of open source software in local government



All accepted papers will be published and distributed to all participants at the symposium.


Important Dates:


Abstract submission deadline:                                 April 30, 2004


Notification of acceptance:                          May 31, 2004


Paper delivered by:                                     July 31, 2001


UDMS 2004 dates:                                                October 27-29, 2004





People interested to submit a paper for the event, are asked to deliver an abstract of at least 1000 words with reference to the theme/topic and a short Curriculum Vitae via our website www.udms.net following the instruction provided or by e-mail as attached files in Word-format, to the UDMS Executive Secretary Mrs Elfriede M. Fendel, e-mail e.fendel@otb.tudelft.nl, by April 30, 2004.



Papers should be written and presented in English.


All information concerning UDMS 2004 will be available at the UDMS web site.


For further information:

UDMS Executive Secretary

Mrs. Elfriede M. Fendel

Section GIS technology

OTB Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies

Delft University of Technology

Jaffalaan 9

NL-2628 BX Delft

The Netherlands

e-mail e.fendel@otb.tudelft.nl



Sending in a paper will be considered as pre-registration.



Conference Fee

ü   Conference fee                                                         250 EuroConference fee   

ü   Conference fee, including conference dinner 300 Euro



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