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Sisi Zlatanova: 3D micro scale: from outdoor to indoor

Mediální partner konference Geomatika v projektech 2014 (1.–2. 10. 2014, zámek Kozel) přináší vybrané anotace příspěvků a zve všechny své čtenáře do zámku Kozel.

Sisi Zlatanova: 3D micro scale: from outdoor to indoor

Research in support of 3D modelling, management, analysis and visualisation have been active for over 30 years and have achieved spectacular results by now. Many systems provide automatic 3D reconstruction of relatively simple models, DBMS systems provide a manner to store and analyse 3D representations, 3D visualisations are getting increasingly realistic and appealing, 3D standards have been developed to exchange and visualise data over Internet. Although numerous problems still have to be resolved, the presence and acceptance of 3D outdoor models widespread. Are we ready for the next step - indoor modelling and analysis?
People spend more than 80% of their time indoors, but relatively limited attention have been given to 3D indoor modelling. 3D models are produced and used mostly by the entertainment, leisure and game industry. Analyses when needed are performed on application-depended models created for particular buildings. Which are the challenges and the opportunities? This talk will discuss the differences and similarities between outdoor and indoor modelling and will outline directions for further research and development. Several concepts for integrated outdoor-indoor modelling will be discussed in detail.


vyvěšeno: 25.09.2014
ID článku: 4590
další informace: gis.zcu.cz/?page=geomatika-v-projektech

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