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Stefan Bonchev: Types of 3D Map Visualization. Difficulties, Solutions and Compromises

Mediální partner konference Geomatika v projektech 2014 (1.–2. 10. 2014, zámek Kozel) přináší vybrané anotace příspěvků a zve všechny své čtenáře do zámku Kozel.

Stefan Bonchev: Types of 3D Map Visualization. Difficulties, Solutions and Compromises

3D maps and the way they look like can be very different depending on their purpose and users. Each of these 3D maps types requires different approach to their visualization so the map will be better represented and more understandable. The presentation will consider three types of visualization and representation of 3D maps:
- Real-time visualization for interactive internet application;
- Stereoscopic anaglyph visualization for screen presentation;
- Photorealistic visualization for paper presentation.
It will consider different types of 3D maps depending on their purpose:
- A 3D touristic map of a mountain ski resort’s territory which is developed as an interactive internet application;
- A 3D cartographic model for evacuation needs in city environment using stereoscopic anaglyph rendering;
- A 3D touristic map of summer resort using photorealistic rendering for printed paper map.
It will discuss all similarities and differences between the different types of 3D maps and visualizations. The presentation will focus on all difficulties which are encountered during the developing process such as levels of detail of the geometry, choice of symbol system, the creation of realistic materials and rendering of large images. It will present solutions that are made and unavoidable compromises which the cartographer have to do in the name of nice and attractive, but at the same time technically feasible, visualization, because the nice visualization always needs more and more time and technical resources.


vyvěšeno: 25.09.2014
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